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Gail Lillian of Liba: Food Truck Picks for OTG Berkeley

August 31, 2011 berkeley bites

Gail Lillian, of Liba Falafel, talks street eats, news trucks, and shares tips on her favorite mobile vendors.

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Street Food Scene Mostly Bypasses Berkeley

October 18, 2010 berkeley bites

Why isn’t food-obsessed Berkeley friendly to fancy food trucks?

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Street Cart Cuisine: Think Global, Eat Local

November 19, 2009 street food

Due to last minuteitis (recently afflicted but may be chronic condition) and email error (note to self: figure out spam filter so important stuff doesn’t get sucked into spamland) I missed the boat — well not the boat actually but a hot air balloon — on the World Street Food confab last week at the […]

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