A State of Independence: Celebrating Food Freedom

July 3, 2013 food flotsam & jetsam

What a cleanse taught me about letting go of stuff, not just a few pounds.

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Oakland’s Flourishing Food Scene

May 22, 2013 edible east bay magazine

Four more reasons to eat in Oakland.

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Berkeley School Cooking & Gardening Classes in Jeopardy

May 21, 2013 bay area bites

Berkeley public schools are in danger of losing their gardening and cooking classes due to federal funding cuts. A report on what the community is doing to save their edible education program.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

May 8, 2013 bay area bites

Federal funding cuts coming to some schools’ cooking and gardening programs.

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Michael Pollan Gets Cooking

April 29, 2013 diablo magazine

Kitchen wisdom from the author of the recent Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation.

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Coming Soon: A Supermarket in West Oakland

April 15, 2013 bay area bites

People’s Community Market, projected to open in West Oakland in the fall of 2014, is inching closer to full funding. Brahm Ahmadi explains to Sarah Henry why the supermarket has been a long time coming and what local residents can expect.

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What Goes on Behind the Kitchen Door

March 28, 2013 bay area bites

UC Berkeley’s Saru Jayaraman, on a mission to improve the working conditions of restaurant employees around the country, is the author of Behind the Kitchen Door.

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