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Six Reasons to Eat in Sydney and Beyond

October 20, 2009 restaurants

Indulge me, if you will, just one more vacation/holiday post before it’s back to regularly scheduled programming. Well, as any of you who head home for the holidays know, spending time with your family and friends in your hometown is technically not a vacation. In my mind it’s a visit, a way to keep connected […]

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Fear of Flying: The Food's a Factor

October 15, 2009 food flotsam & jetsam

Flickr photo by nicholas.blah used under the Creative Commons license. I’ve recently spent 27 hours in the air, something I do on a relatively regular basis, so I think I’m well qualified to weigh in on airline food for the long-distance traveler. It’s horrible — no surprises there. But what’s to be done about it? […]

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Sydney Street Food

October 14, 2009 food events

On my last evening in Sydney I took a quick swing through the Night Noodle Markets, downtown Sydney’s own street food fair, and part of the Sydney International Food Festival.  Hyde Park north, a fig-tree filled swatch of grass in this southern city’s central business district, is a prime setting for stalls selling, well, all […]

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Friendship by the Numbers

October 9, 2009 restaurants

5 gals 2 become firm friends at age 8 12 the age we all get together and become great mates 4 years tanning our legs along the C block wall 7 countries, 4 continents 5 marriages 4 partners from overseas 3 exes 1 20-year union 10 babies, ranging in age from 3 to 18 1 […]

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The Sweet Dish on Sydney

October 6, 2009 baking

Flickr photo by jcmurty used under the Creative Commons license. When you pop in and out of your homeland once or twice a year, as I do, it’s pretty easy to pick up on trends since you last touched down. I was in Sydney for a month this past Southern Hemisphere summer, that’s December-January for […]

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Sydney Festival Flags Food

September 29, 2009 food events

So I’m headed home tomorrow, that’s Down Under, for a couple of weeks to celebrate some significant milestones with family and friends. And I’ve only just realized that I’ll be in town for the start of the Sydney International Food Festival. I’ll  miss the world chefs weekend showcase, but hope I can catch a night […]

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