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Megan Gordon’s Granola Goodness

January 17, 2014 baking

Start the day with some whole-grain goodness, courtesy of the brains behind the biz Marge Granola.

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Kim O’Donnel on Celebrating the Holidays Without Meat

December 17, 2012 bay area bites

Kim O’Donnel, author of The Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations, dishes on serving a fun, festive holiday feast without the beast.

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Catherine McCord Dishes on Cooking with Kids

December 9, 2012 bay area bites

The voice behind the popular food blog weelicious shares her tips on family cooking, recipe too.

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Food Blogger Erin Scott Fan of the Yummy Supper

September 17, 2012 baking

Blogger Erin Scott of Yummy Supper discusses how she found the joy of cooking again after going gluten free.

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Eating Richly: Even When You’re Broke

July 3, 2012 bay area bites

Formerly homeless and now the voice behind Eating Richly: Even When You’re Broke, Diana Johnson talks about eating healthily on a shoestring, the hidden hungry, and teaching people to cook cheaply and well.

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What’s for Dinner, Dude?

June 15, 2012 food flotsam & jetsam

My son morphs from picky eater to home cook with a discerning palate, and I write about it for Ladies’ Home Journal.

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What’s Cooking with Sustainable Seafood?

May 20, 2012 edible east bay magazine

Find the latest on sustainable seafood practices — along with seafood cookbook recommendations, recipes, and advice on choosing sustainable seafood too — in the summer issue of Edible East Bay magazine.

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Culture Clash: D.I.Y. Yogurt vs. Mass Market

April 20, 2012 food businesses

Yogurt is becoming an increasingly popular item at the grocery store, though some eaters are opting to make their own or find artisan varities without additives.

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Rancho La Puerta: Culinary Vacation at Iconic Spa in Baja

February 24, 2012 bay area bites

Sarah Henry has the arduous task of reporting from the field following a week’s stay at the much-loved Ranch La Puerta fitness resort and spa, which also features an organic garden and culinary school.

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Vanessa Barrington: The D.I.Y. Delicious Diva

September 29, 2010 civil eats

Vanessa Barrington dishes up unfussy, homemade fare in her new cookbook D.I.Y. Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Foods from Scratch. Ever wondered how to make kitchen staples like pickles, yogurt, or bread? Then this may well be the book for you.

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Granola: A Sweet Start to the Day

January 8, 2010 baking

Fresh starts. New adventures. The whole unexplored landscape that is the year ahead. I welcome January, when anything seems possible. Except, of course, when there’s transition week. Anyone else having a transition week? Come on, you know you are. I can see it in my son as he struggles to get back in synch with […]

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In Praise of Brussels Sprouts

December 9, 2009 recipes

Flickr photo by cbcastro courtesy Creative Commons attribution license. Since I spent two hours Monday outside in the freezing cold chatting with a couple of West Marin farmers as they cut, cleaned, and boxed some bodacious-looking brussels sprouts (more on the growers at Gospel Flat Farm later this week),  I thought it timely to weigh […]

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Gobble, Gobble & Gratitude

November 24, 2009 comfort food

Hello peeps.  I know many of you are busy prepping for the annual American food fest, so I won’t keep you long. First, full disclosure: I do not (heart) the holidays. And nothing announces the official start of the festive season than Thanksgiving. Well, I guess there’s also Halloween, the end of daylight savings, the […]

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Book Giveaway: My Nepenthe

November 13, 2009 baking

It’s always tricky to write about a pal’s book, you don’t want to come off sounding like a fawning friend, frankly. So, in the case of My Nepenthe by Romney “Nani” Steele, I’m going to let others hand out the praise. Sunset describes Nani’s cookbook-cum-memoir as “a valentine to one of the most beautiful places […]

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San Francisco's Fabulous Food Festival

November 8, 2009 farmers' markets

I’ll be blunt: I had low expectations. I’d detected no buzz about the SF Fab Food Fest beforehand. And I couldn’t find a list of food sellers online. The venue, the Concourse Exhibition Center, didn’t look promising either. Three strikes right there. But it wasn’t out of my way so I stopped by en route […]

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What's for Dinner? Find Answers on the Web

November 4, 2009 comfort food

How many of you have found those email chain letters in your inbox asking you to share a recipe with a dozen or so others? How many of you actually respond? I’m not entirely sure why, but I never seem to reply to these recipe requests (sorry Anne, Katherine, Ellen, et al.) and wind up […]

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My Persimmon Problem

October 27, 2009 baking

Photo by Flickr user mbgrigby used under the Creative Commons license. So it’s orientation time for the sixth graders, a sweet and chatty bunch, at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, where I volunteer each week. Last Friday, head kitchen teacher Esther Cook (yes, Ms. Cook is her real name) began by engaging the students in […]

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The Lemon Lady: Feeding the Hungry, One Bag of Produce at a Time

October 22, 2009 baking

The Lemon Lady needs a new nickname, methinks. Anna Chan, 37, has outgrown the title, which doesn’t begin to describe the difference this anti-hunger activist has made in less than a year in her one-woman campaign to get fresh produce into the mouths of people in need in her community. This stay-at-home mom from Clayton, […]

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The Sweet Dish on Sydney

October 6, 2009 baking

Flickr photo by jcmurty used under the Creative Commons license. When you pop in and out of your homeland once or twice a year, as I do, it’s pretty easy to pick up on trends since you last touched down. I was in Sydney for a month this past Southern Hemisphere summer, that’s December-January for […]

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Kale Chips: Giving Thanks for Greens in a Snack Pack

July 30, 2009 food businesses

Last Friday was the day I was supposed to meet Blessing Horowytz, creator of Kale Chips, my current favorite snack food. Here’s what happened: Multi-tasking mama that I am, I decided to quell my cravings for Kale Chips (not to be confused with roasted kale) and satisfy my curiosity about the brand new Berkeley Bowl […]

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Five Fabulous Fruit Desserts

July 14, 2009 baking

I’ve been waxing on a lot lately in this space about food films and food books. And I’ve been digging doing blogs about resourceful residents who grow and forage in the urban jungle. But it’s time to talk about cooking again. The weather has turned positively balmy in Berkeley this week and we’re heading into […]

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What Do You Eat When You Eat Alone?

June 13, 2009 comfort food

True confession: When I’m home alone at night sometimes I forget to make dinner. Ten o’clock rolls around, the kitchen is closed, and so I grab a bowl of cereal and call it a night. Terrible habit I know. At least it’s whole grain cereal. It turns out, I’m in good company. Here’s another cereal-for-solo […]

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Lentil Soup: An Antidote to Swine Flu Fever

May 8, 2009 comfort food

I knew trouble was brewing. The ol’ scratchy throat, lethargy, and pounding headache were all clues. So I started sipping lemon-honey-herbal tea, downed Airborne, Emergen-C, and some Chinese immune-boosting pills a pal slipped in my purse, wrapped my neck in a warm scarf, and tried to rest. I was determined to ward off whatever dreaded […]

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The Case for Quinoa

April 27, 2009 recipes

Would you attend a free cooking class if your child’s school offered one? The good folks who run the cooking and gardening programs in my kid’s school district provide five-week parent nutrition classes in the spring. The evening program reinforces instruction about healthy eating these parents’ children receive at public school — and helps time-challenged […]

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An Eggscellent Spring Staycation

April 20, 2009 baking

Photo: Sarah Henry Spring Break plans went pear-shaped, work and other obligations thwarted my best efforts to plan a mini-break with my son. I was feeling a bit sorry for him (truth be told: both of us). We were just going to tool around town during his week off. It didn’t help that others in […]

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Baseball, Bonds, and Banana Bread

April 9, 2009 baking

So my ten-year-old plays ball for the Berkeley Bears. Last weekend, his team went up against the San Francisco Falcons. It would have been just another baseball game on a gorgeous spring day except he played against his great mate from the mamas group we started right after the kids were born. Photo: Yuriko Gamo […]

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Eat Your Greens

March 27, 2009 recipes

It’s been a stellar week or two for the good food folks. Alice appeared on 60 Minutes espousing her delicious revolution. (What took CBS so long?) Michelle Obama broke ground on a White House victory garden. (But why doesn’t Barack like beets and how can we convince him these root veggies are divine?) And, where […]

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