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Documentary Food Films: An Update

March 14, 2013 food events

What’s new on the documentary food front.

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A Cuban-American Chez Panisse Chef Explores Her Roots

March 1, 2013 bay area bites

A Cuban-American line cook talks about her recent trip to Cuba as part of a Chez Panisse connected culinary diplomacy tour.

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The Food Pantry’s Sara Miles Serves the Hungry

January 31, 2013 bay area bites

Self-described Jesus freak Sara Miles, who runs The Food Pantry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, explains why she feels compelled to feed people in need.

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Chew on This: Writer John Birdsall Offers Food for Thought

October 13, 2012 berkeley bites

A food writer dishes on the good and bad of the business and why he’s grateful for the gig.

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Back to School: Food for Thought at UC Berkeley

August 28, 2012 berkeley bites

An artistic workshop explores from the field to the table and a class examines the future of farming and food at UC Berkeley this fall.

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Urban Farm Tours: The Dirt on City Homesteading

June 7, 2012 berkeley bites

True to its new name, Tiny Berkeley Garden, is a small edible landscape located in the heart of Central Berkeley. But don’t be deceived by its diminutive size. The lot may only amount to 3,500 square feet (with just 1,750 feet for farming) but it’s chock full of trees, plants, and herbs that supply Kristin Stromberg [...]

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Good Food Awards Tap Local Judges for National Contest

January 13, 2012 bay citizen

The second annual Good Food Awards highlights “best in show” of sustainable, craft products from around the country — judged by many of Berkeley’s well-known food mavens.

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Best Blog Posts from the 2011 Lettuce Eat Kale Archives

December 28, 2011 baking

Wherein we look back at the stories of 2011 on LEK, pick the best of the bunch, and then take a nap.

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New Guide Aims to Improve School Food Beyond Berkeley

November 17, 2011 bay citizen

At a hands-on workshop at the recent Community Food Security Coalition Conference school food folk test recipes from the new guide, Cooking with California Food.

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Growing Demand: Crop Swaps Gaining Ground

October 28, 2011 berkeley bites

Crop swaps – meet ups where people exchange surplus backyard bounty – are thriving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Boston in city and suburban enclaves and online, too.

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Gabrielle Hamilton: Blood, Bones & Bombshells

October 25, 2011 bay area bites

Reluctant chef and contrarian conversationalist Gabrielle Hamilton keeps Kim Severson on her toes at a City Arts & Lectures event.

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Food Day: Growing a Movement Around What we Eat

October 23, 2011 berkeley bites

Food Day, on October 24th, will highlight the good, bad, and ugly of the way we consume food in this country.

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Farm-to-fork Tours Spotlight Local Green Businesses

September 24, 2011 berkeley bites

Bay Area Green Tours introduces people to local, successful, sustainable farm and food enterprises.

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Scientist By Day, Grilled Cheese Champ By Night

September 16, 2011 bay citizen

Michael Davidson (aka GrilledCheezGuy) peddles the American classic on his food cart.

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Communal Supper Club Frugal Foodies Seeks New Home

September 9, 2011 berkeley bites

Frugal Foodies, a cheap, wholesome eats meet up, is looking for a new home and host.

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SF Street Food Fest: The Twitter Set and the Untwitterific

August 31, 2011 bay area bites

A recap of the San Francisco Street Food Festival, mobile chow central for a new wave of street food vendors.

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Gail Lillian of Liba: Food Truck Picks for OTG Berkeley

August 31, 2011 berkeley bites

Gail Lillian, of Liba Falafel, talks street eats, news trucks, and shares tips on her favorite mobile vendors.

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Chez Panisse’s Birthday Kicks Off With Cocktail Party

August 30, 2011 berkeley bites

Alice Waters, the famed founder of Chez Panisse, throws a weekend long party to celebrate 40 years of running the restaurant — and raise funds for her Edible Schoolyard Project.

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Birdland Jazz Finds a New Home at Cafe Yesterday

August 30, 2011 bay citizen

The underground music and bbq meet up Birdland Jazz, which had run into trouble with the city, has found a new home at the non-profit Cafe Yesterday.

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Alice Waters: Lunch, Levi’s and Edible Education

August 26, 2011 bay area bites

Alice Waters takes to the streets of San Francisco to serve her vision of school lunch, launch Edible Schoolyard T-shirts, and sign her new book about 40 years of Chez Panisse.

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Nikki Henderson: On the Frontlines of Edible Education

August 21, 2011 bay citizen

Food security activist Nikki Henderson keeps it real for a new course she’s co-teaching at UC Berkeley, called Edible Education 101.

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San Francisco Street Food Festival: Veg-Friendly Eats

August 19, 2011 bay area bites

A guide to a dozen food truck purveyors dishing up vegetarian options at the San Francisco Street Food Festival.

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Ebbett’s Good to Go Debuts at Berkeley’s Off the Grid

August 17, 2011 berkeley bites

Two at-home moms, who started a street food truck peddling gourmet sandwiches to the office crowd a year ago, bring their mobile food to Berkeley’s Off the Grid.

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Give and Take: The Growing Food-Sharing Culture

August 15, 2011 canning & preserving

Sharing has made a comeback. People are now bartering, trading, exchanging, swapping, or simply giving away an abundance of homegrown produce or homemade food in a variety of creative ways. In the Harvest 2011 edition of Edible East Bay, I profile a couple who share their backyard with a pair who have created a demonstration [...]

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Hush Supper Club Quietly Reveals Spicy Secrets

August 14, 2011 bay area bites

The popular Washington. D.C. underground dinner, Hush Supper Club, serves up a trio of dinners in the Bay Area this summer. Find out what’s on the menu at these spicy salons.

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Speed Dating for Veggie — and Animal — Lovers

August 5, 2011 bay citizen

Do a prospective dating partner’s dietary preferences matter when it comes to matters of the heart? My adventures in the meat-free world of vegetarian speed dating.

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Heads Up Homesteaders: Crop Swap Begins in Berkeley

July 18, 2011 berkeley bites

Urban homesteaders trade lemons for lettuces in the latest food swapping phenomenon in communities around the country, including Berkeley.

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Cheese Board Collective: 40 Years in the Gourmet Ghetto

July 8, 2011 baking

A profile of a beloved anchor institution in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, The Cheese Board Collective, which paved the way for other food enterprises and spawned other food cooperatives in the area.

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The Perennial Plate Swings by the San Francisco Bay Area

June 30, 2011 baking

Meet omnivorous chef Daniel Klein and his vegetarian girlfriend/cameragal Mirra Fine, the dynamic duo behind The Perennial Plate, a web-based, weekly documentary real food romp devoted to socially responsible, sustainable and adventurous eating.

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Holistic Culinary School Opens New Campus in Berkeley

June 24, 2011 berkeley bites

Bauman College, a holistic nutrition and culinary arts program, holds its grand opening tonight, showing off its state-off-the art kitchen in a a historic building.

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Michelle Obama and Alice Waters: Let’s Do Breakfast

June 13, 2011 berkeley bites

Alice Waters feeds First Lady Michelle Obama at the fancy pants Claremont Hotel. What happened to plans to for a downhome breakfast in Oakland?

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Food Forward: A Sustainable TV Show for All Americans

June 5, 2011 bay area bites

The TV pilot for “Food Forward” profiles people across the country making a difference in communities where good food is hard to come by, through their work in small-scale sustainable food production.

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5 Questions for Food Forward Filmmaker Greg Roden

June 2, 2011 bay area bites

Food Forward, a new TV program coming to PBS this fall, showcases food renegades around the country changing the way Americans eat.

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Off the Grid & Bites on Broadway: Food Trucks Debut in East Bay

May 31, 2011 bay area bites

Food truck hubs are setting up shop in the East Bay this summer. Off the Grid opens in North Berkeley June 1; Bites on Broadway begins in Oakland June 10.

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So You Want to be a Successful Food Blogger? Here’s How.

May 23, 2011 bay area bites

Food blogs are a dime a dozen in cyberspace. Find out how to stand out from the pack.

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Pop-up Restaurants Popping Up Around Berkeley

April 29, 2011 berkeley bites

The pop-up restaurant phenomenon pops up around Berkeley.

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Bread, Cheese and Banter: On Artisan Food

April 26, 2011 baking

Kim Severson talks with Sue Conley of the Cowgirl Creamery and Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery about the artisan way as part of the City Arts & Lectures program in San Francisco.

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Food Swaps: Sharing Goodies, Stocking Pantries, One Trade at a Time

April 13, 2011 baking

Find out why food swapping is the latest D.I.Y. trend around the country. Wanna trade?

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Ex-pat Brings Euro Sensibility to Veggie Cooking Classes

March 22, 2011 bay area bites

Paris-based Theresa Murphy of La Cucina Di Terresa brings her cooking from the soil culinary class series–a celebration of seasonal vegetables–back to the Bay Area.

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Surgeon General Swings by Edible Schoolyard

March 17, 2011 berkeley bites

The nation’s top doc, U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Regina Benjamin, tours the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, touts healthy schools as a key component of her vision for a healthy and fit America.

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Josh Thomsen Gathers Local Talent for Berkeley Wine Fest

March 11, 2011 berkeley bites

Josh Thomsen, executive chef of the swanky Claremont Hotel, Club, and Spa in Berkeley, teams up with local cooking talent for this year’s Berkeley Wine Festival.

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“Our Daily Bread” Focuses on Food Traditions

March 11, 2011 bay area bites

Dancer and choreographer Amara Tabor-Smith turns her attention to food traditions and culture in her up-coming performance piece “Our Daily Bread.”

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The Pleasures of a Country Dinner

March 10, 2011 food events

The simple pleasures of a satisfying meal on a Saturday night in a barn in rural West Marin, surrounded by art, music, and in the presence of good company.

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Berkeley’s School Lunch Program Flawed, Say Insiders

February 14, 2011 berkeley bites

The successes — and shortcomings — of the Berkeley’s revamped school food program received equal billing at the premiere of short films called the Lunch Love Community Documentary Project.

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Good Food Awards Showcases Sustainable Food Artisans

January 15, 2011 bay area bites

A new “best in show” competition for socially and ethically responsible food producers from around the country.

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Farewell to Berkeley’s Frugal Foodies

December 16, 2010 berkeley bites

For the past five and a half years, J Moses Ceaser has opened his home every Tuesday night to old friends and complete strangers with the sole purpose of getting people in the kitchen cooking a vegetarian meal from scratch for a fraction of the cost of eating out — while creating community on the [...]

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Canning for a Cause: Let’s Preserve

December 13, 2010 bay area bites

Chef Merrilee Olson of Let’s Preserve closes the gap between waste and and want, works with volunteers to get preserved foods to the hungry.

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What Next for Berkeley’s Multi Culti Grill and Birdland Jazz?

December 10, 2010 berkeley bites

The Bird Man, Michael Parayno, brings BBQ street eats and jazz grooves to a sleepy stretch of North Berkeley.

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Food for Health Forum: An Rx for Doctors

October 16, 2010 civil eats

Today, the man who encourages us all to eat food, mostly plants, and not too much will bring his prescription for a healthier population and planet to a group that, surprisingly, he hasn’t spoken to before: Doctors and other healthcare professionals. The man, of course, is Michael Pollan — who talks about the importance of [...]

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Two Berkeley Moms Try Their Hand At Street Eats

August 27, 2010 berkeley bites

The Twitter handle pretty much sums things up. Two food-obsessed moms try to have their cake and eat it too: Start a food truck and still be home with the kids. Meet the newest truck on the block to hit the streets of Emeryville, in the East Bay of San Francisco. You can’t miss the [...]

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