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Katrina Heron New Edible Schoolyard Project Director

November 7, 2012 berkeley bites

Veteran journalist Katrina Heron takes the reins at The Edible Schoolyard Project.

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Chew on This: Writer John Birdsall Offers Food for Thought

October 13, 2012 berkeley bites

A food writer dishes on the good and bad of the business and why he’s grateful for the gig.

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Acupuncturist Finds Bliss in Seasonal Food

October 8, 2012 berkeley bites

Nishanga Bliss, author of Real Food All Year, on eating seasonally and well.

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Food Blogger Erin Scott Fan of the Yummy Supper

September 17, 2012 baking

Blogger Erin Scott of Yummy Supper discusses how she found the joy of cooking again after going gluten free.

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Back to School: Food for Thought at UC Berkeley

August 28, 2012 berkeley bites

An artistic workshop explores from the field to the table and a class examines the future of farming and food at UC Berkeley this fall.

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CIR Serves up Hidden Costs of Hamburgers

August 20, 2012 berkeley bites

The average American eats three burgers a week. The Center for Investigative Reporting explores the real price of cheap beef in their new animation short The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers.

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Chez Panisse Chefs Head to Cuba, Public Welcome

August 8, 2012 berkeley bites

A crew from the acclaimed Chez Panisse restaurant are headed to Cuba later this year — and the public are invited to join this cross-cultural, culinary expedition.

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Rogue Cafe: Backlash in Berkeley Over Backyard Brunch

August 3, 2012 bay area bites

Care for a little controversy with your morning coffee and scrambled eggs? The renegade Rogue Cafe comes under fire.

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Urban Farm Tours: The Dirt on City Homesteading

June 7, 2012 berkeley bites

True to its new name, Tiny Berkeley Garden, is a small edible landscape located in the heart of Central Berkeley. But don’t be deceived by its diminutive size. The lot may only amount to 3,500 square feet (with just 1,750 feet for farming) but it’s chock full of trees, plants, and herbs that supply Kristin Stromberg […]

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Could Occupy the Farm and UC Compromise on Gill Tract?

May 7, 2012 berkeley bites

A wake up call In the sleepy enclave of Albany, where Occupy the Farm takes over contested university land known as Gill Tract, to make the case for more urban farming and local agriculture that feeds people in need close to home.

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Berkeley Votes to Fund At-risk Edible School Programs

April 17, 2012 berkeley bites

The Berkeley Unified School District School Board recently voted to authorize funding up to $350,000 for three elementary schools that were in danger of losing their gardening and cooking programs for the next school year. The move came as welcome news for all those involved in the programs and anyone who champions teaching children to eat, grow, and cook their greens.

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Berkeley Seeks Life Support for School Edible Programs

March 31, 2012 berkeley bites

In the face of funding cuts, a community with an international reputation for edible schoolyards looks for ways to make gardening and cooking programs sustainable in Berkeley schools.

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Berkeley School Gardening, Cooking Programs Face Cuts

March 26, 2012 berkeley bites

Berkeley has an international reputation for its edible schoolyards, where public school children of all economic means learn what it takes to grow a radish and sauté some chard. Potential funding cuts to the program would represent a significant setback in the city’s pioneering efforts to date.

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Latin Flavors Lie at the Heart of Casa de Chocolates

February 29, 2012 berkeley bites

Two Chicanas join forces to share their love of Mexican chocolate with distinctive Latin flavors.

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Urban Adamah: A Story with Legs

February 28, 2012 berkeley bites

The background behind a popular story of an urban farm with a social justice and spiritual focus.

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Marc Kelly Dishes on the Story Behind Berkeley’s Soop

February 20, 2012 berkeley bites

One man’s mid-life crisis, another person’s comfort food. Get the back story on Soop, nourishing customers for six years.

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Phyllis Grant: Not Your Typical Mommy Food Blogger

January 31, 2012 berkeley bites

Phyllis Grant cooks a whole cow, drops f-bombs, and has many grateful fans who have young children. Find out why her blog dash and bella resonates with readers.

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Homegrown Truths From Chef Aaron French

January 24, 2012 berkeley bites

Sunny Side Cafe chef Aaron French explains why he thinks local, seasonal, sustainable food is important for people and the planet in The Bay Area Homegrown Cookbook: Local Food, Local Restaurants, Local Recipes.

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Cooking Breakfast at Bette’s Diner in Berkeley for 27 Years

January 20, 2012 berkeley bites

Chef Darryl Kimble cooks eggs, pancakes, and waffles at a popular diner in Berkeley for almost 30 years.

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Good Food Awards Tap Local Judges for National Contest

January 13, 2012 bay citizen

The second annual Good Food Awards highlights “best in show” of sustainable, craft products from around the country — judged by many of Berkeley’s well-known food mavens.

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Occupy Food: College Co-op Advocates Gather in Berkeley

January 6, 2012 berkeley bites

The research and training group CoFED works with college co-op advocates who want sustainable whole foods on campus — not a steady diet of fast food joints.

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Michael Pollan’s Eating Advice for the New Year

January 3, 2012 berkeley bites

Author Michael Pollan offers timely advice to start the new year right with commonsense Food Rules.

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Best Blog Posts from the 2011 Lettuce Eat Kale Archives

December 28, 2011 baking

Wherein we look back at the stories of 2011 on LEK, pick the best of the bunch, and then take a nap.

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Farmers’ Market Favorite Phoenix Pastificio

December 21, 2011 baking

Phoenix Pasta is popular among restaurant chefs and farmers’ market customers for its pastries, olive bread, and, of course, pasta in flavors both familiar and not.

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What’s Behind the Cafe Gratitude Closure, What’s Next?

December 12, 2011 berkeley bites

Cafe Gratitude announces it’s shuttering all its Bay Area locations due to pending legal action against the vegan-raw restaurant.

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Gilman Street Gals Cook Up Sweet Treats in Berkeley

December 2, 2011 baking

Four women who share a small commercial kitchen space talk about their pastry products and why they enjoy working together.

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Everyone Deserves to Eat: Andre Green’s Kitchen Wisdom

November 23, 2011 berkeley bites

Andre Green feed the homeless and hungry on Thanksgiving and the rest of the year too.

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New Guide Aims to Improve School Food Beyond Berkeley

November 17, 2011 bay citizen

At a hands-on workshop at the recent Community Food Security Coalition Conference school food folk test recipes from the new guide, Cooking with California Food.

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Michael Pollan: New Food Rules, No Need to be Neurotic

November 3, 2011 berkeley bites

Author Michael Pollan teams up with artist Maira Kalman — and several reader-eaters — in the new edition of Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual.

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Growing Demand: Crop Swaps Gaining Ground

October 28, 2011 berkeley bites

Crop swaps – meet ups where people exchange surplus backyard bounty – are thriving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Boston in city and suburban enclaves and online, too.

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Food Day: Growing a Movement Around What we Eat

October 23, 2011 berkeley bites

Food Day, on October 24th, will highlight the good, bad, and ugly of the way we consume food in this country.

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CANFIT Wants to Improve the Health of all America’s Youth

October 20, 2011 berkeley bites

Arnell Hinkle, the founder of CANFIT in Berkeley, works to prevent obesity and other chronic lifestyle diseases in low-income youth of color around the country.

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The Bread Project: Cooking up a Future for People in Need

September 30, 2011 baking

A profile of the Bread Project in Berkeley, which provides basic culinary training for low-income job seekers who want to find jobs in the food field.

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Farm-to-fork Tours Spotlight Local Green Businesses

September 24, 2011 berkeley bites

Bay Area Green Tours introduces people to local, successful, sustainable farm and food enterprises.

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Scientist By Day, Grilled Cheese Champ By Night

September 16, 2011 bay citizen

Michael Davidson (aka GrilledCheezGuy) peddles the American classic on his food cart.

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Communal Supper Club Frugal Foodies Seeks New Home

September 9, 2011 berkeley bites

Frugal Foodies, a cheap, wholesome eats meet up, is looking for a new home and host.

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Hungry for Better Food at Berkeley’s Echo Lake Camp

September 2, 2011 berkeley bites

A chronicle of this reporter’s recent edible misadventures at Berkeley’s Echo Lake Camp.

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Gail Lillian of Liba: Food Truck Picks for OTG Berkeley

August 31, 2011 berkeley bites

Gail Lillian, of Liba Falafel, talks street eats, news trucks, and shares tips on her favorite mobile vendors.

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Chez Panisse’s Birthday Kicks Off With Cocktail Party

August 30, 2011 berkeley bites

Alice Waters, the famed founder of Chez Panisse, throws a weekend long party to celebrate 40 years of running the restaurant — and raise funds for her Edible Schoolyard Project.

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Birdland Jazz Finds a New Home at Cafe Yesterday

August 30, 2011 bay citizen

The underground music and bbq meet up Birdland Jazz, which had run into trouble with the city, has found a new home at the non-profit Cafe Yesterday.

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Nikki Henderson: On the Frontlines of Edible Education

August 21, 2011 bay citizen

Food security activist Nikki Henderson keeps it real for a new course she’s co-teaching at UC Berkeley, called Edible Education 101.

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Ebbett’s Good to Go Debuts at Berkeley’s Off the Grid

August 17, 2011 berkeley bites

Two at-home moms, who started a street food truck peddling gourmet sandwiches to the office crowd a year ago, bring their mobile food to Berkeley’s Off the Grid.

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Speed Dating for Veggie — and Animal — Lovers

August 5, 2011 bay citizen

Do a prospective dating partner’s dietary preferences matter when it comes to matters of the heart? My adventures in the meat-free world of vegetarian speed dating.

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Cooking Camps for Kids: Top Chefs and Solar Ovens

July 31, 2011 berkeley bites

Summer cooking camps teach young food lovers how to make pasta from scratch, what happens when you don’t follow a recipe, and the value in working as a team in the kitchen.

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On the Corner: Berkeley’s Convenience Store Owners

July 25, 2011 berkeley bites

Meet the people who run corner stores in Berkeley. Find out where they’re from, what they sell, and their hopes for the future.

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Heads Up Homesteaders: Crop Swap Begins in Berkeley

July 18, 2011 berkeley bites

Urban homesteaders trade lemons for lettuces in the latest food swapping phenomenon in communities around the country, including Berkeley.

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Cheese Board Collective: 40 Years in the Gourmet Ghetto

July 8, 2011 baking

A profile of a beloved anchor institution in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, The Cheese Board Collective, which paved the way for other food enterprises and spawned other food cooperatives in the area.

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Holistic Culinary School Opens New Campus in Berkeley

June 24, 2011 berkeley bites

Bauman College, a holistic nutrition and culinary arts program, holds its grand opening tonight, showing off its state-off-the art kitchen in a a historic building.

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Faith-based Urban Farm Opens in Berkeley

June 21, 2011 bay citizen

Urban Adamah, the community urban farm in Berkeley founded by Adam Berman, marries his interests in food security, environmental stewardship, and spirituality. Meet the man who founded the Jewish Sustainability Corps.

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Chef Banks White on Chez Panisse, Berkeley Food Scene

June 20, 2011 berkeley bites

Chef Banks White of restaurant Five on staging at Chez Panisse, cooking for the Berkeley crowd, and missing good barbecue.

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