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$4 Toast: The Story Behind the Story Behind the Story

February 3, 2014 baking

Does $4 toast ring any bells? Here’s the back story to the whole bread brouhaha.

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Megan Gordon’s Granola Goodness

January 17, 2014 baking

Start the day with some whole-grain goodness, courtesy of the brains behind the biz Marge Granola.

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Harvest Highlights

November 1, 2013 baking

Reporting news from the East Bay on oysters, urban farms, a bakery business with a conscience, a destination restaurant and more.

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Commercial Community Kitchens: Trending Now

February 19, 2013 baking

Commercial kitchens with a community focus are popping up all over. Read about three with distinct flavors of their own.

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Maui Rides Another Culinary Wave

November 1, 2012 baking

Maui’s culinary scene is thriving — thanks to homegrown chefs and farmers with a focus on local food. A report from the field.

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The East Bay’s Artisan Food Producers

October 22, 2012 baking

The people and craft behind the East Bay’s artisanal food movement.

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Good Eggs Goes Beyond the Produce Box

September 27, 2012 baking

A new start-up connects local food artisans with a public hungry for good grub grown and produced closed to home. Meet the good eggs behind Good Eggs.

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Food Blogger Erin Scott Fan of the Yummy Supper

September 17, 2012 baking

Blogger Erin Scott of Yummy Supper discusses how she found the joy of cooking again after going gluten free.

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Ripe for Action: Colorful Cookbook Encourages Cooking

April 25, 2012 baking

Ripe: A Fresh Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables showcases Cheryl Sternman Rule’s pithy wit and Paulette Phlipot’s vibrant images. But produce — in all its weird and wonderful glory — gets top billing in this cookbook.

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Best Blog Posts from the 2011 Lettuce Eat Kale Archives

December 28, 2011 baking

Wherein we look back at the stories of 2011 on LEK, pick the best of the bunch, and then take a nap.

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Farmers’ Market Favorite Phoenix Pastificio

December 21, 2011 baking

Phoenix Pasta is popular among restaurant chefs and farmers’ market customers for its pastries, olive bread, and, of course, pasta in flavors both familiar and not.

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Gilman Street Gals Cook Up Sweet Treats in Berkeley

December 2, 2011 baking

Four women who share a small commercial kitchen space talk about their pastry products and why they enjoy working together.

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The Bread Project: Cooking up a Future for People in Need

September 30, 2011 baking

A profile of the Bread Project in Berkeley, which provides basic culinary training for low-income job seekers who want to find jobs in the food field.

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Cheese Board Collective: 40 Years in the Gourmet Ghetto

July 8, 2011 baking

A profile of a beloved anchor institution in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, The Cheese Board Collective, which paved the way for other food enterprises and spawned other food cooperatives in the area.

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The Perennial Plate Swings by the San Francisco Bay Area

June 30, 2011 baking

Meet omnivorous chef Daniel Klein and his vegetarian girlfriend/cameragal Mirra Fine, the dynamic duo behind The Perennial Plate, a web-based, weekly documentary real food romp devoted to socially responsible, sustainable and adventurous eating.

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The Artisan Kitchen in Richmond: A Co-op Cooking Space

May 10, 2011 baking

The Artisan Kitchen, a cooperative kitchen in Richmond, California, serves as an incubator for budding food businesses in the Bay Area.

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Bread, Cheese and Banter: On Artisan Food

April 26, 2011 baking

Kim Severson talks with Sue Conley of the Cowgirl Creamery and Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery about the artisan way as part of the City Arts & Lectures program in San Francisco.

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Beyond Produce: Other Edible CSAs Bring Mixed Results

April 22, 2011 baking

Can the CSA model work for food artisans as well as farmers?

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Food Swaps: Sharing Goodies, Stocking Pantries, One Trade at a Time

April 13, 2011 baking

Find out why food swapping is the latest D.I.Y. trend around the country. Wanna trade?

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Alice Medrich’s Sweet Life

January 14, 2011 baking

Award-winning cookbook author Alice Medrich on the sweet life, including her new book, Chewy Gooey, Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies.

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A Family Recipe Becomes a Business: Mamie & Makhi’s Sweet Potato Pie

November 5, 2010 baking

Lois Porter turns a favorite family recipe into a thriving small batch, sweet potato batter business in Berkeley.

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Summer Birthdays Rule

August 4, 2010 baking

August is THE birthday month in our house. And this is the time of year when my son celebrates his birthday with a group of kids he’s known since birth. Some children may lament a summer birthday (all your buddies are on vacation, so party plans often get tabled until back-to-school time). Here’s 12 reasons […]

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Professionals by Day Pursue Culinary Arts by Night

March 12, 2010 baking

Two Bay Area confectioners, Anand Chokkalingam and Michael Winnike, whip up sweet treats after hours.

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Sprouts Cooking Club: Growing the Next Generation of Chefs

February 1, 2010 baking

It took a teenager from Wyomissing, PA who had never heard of Alice Waters to figure out what was missing on the culinary scene in Berkeley. When Karen Rogers landed at UC Berkeley in 2005 she couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a cooking club on campus.  So she started one. But the Cal Cooking Club […]

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Rice-A-Roni Co-creator Judges Ultimate Chef America, Shares Granola Recipe

January 28, 2010 baking

Lois De Domenico knows a thing or two about food. Lois is the co-creator of Rice-A-Roni, the iconic convenience food remembered around the country as The San Francisco Treat. That’s why the folks at Brookdale Senior Living, one of the nation’s largest operators of senior living communities in the U.S., asked her to act as […]

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Haiti Bakesale Benefit Update

January 25, 2010 baking

Kudos to Samin Nosrat and her crew for raising $22,421.09 at a bakesale for Haiti in the Bay Area last Saturday. An outpouring of cupcakes and cash came from professional chefs and home cooks in events held at three community-minded food venues: Pizzaiolo in Oakland, Gioia Pizzeria in North Berkeley, and Bi-Rite Market in San […]

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Serving People, Serving Food, Days of Service: Help Haiti

January 20, 2010 baking

Seem to have a food-related volunteer theme emerging this week. Not my intention but just going to run with it. If ever there was a time to ignore the imperative Think Global, Act Local, this is it. Don’t you agree? As I explained to my son on this week’s MLK Day of Service, we’re thinking […]

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Granola: A Sweet Start to the Day

January 8, 2010 baking

Fresh starts. New adventures. The whole unexplored landscape that is the year ahead. I welcome January, when anything seems possible. Except, of course, when there’s transition week. Anyone else having a transition week? Come on, you know you are. I can see it in my son as he struggles to get back in synch with […]

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Book Giveaway: My Nepenthe

November 13, 2009 baking

It’s always tricky to write about a pal’s book, you don’t want to come off sounding like a fawning friend, frankly. So, in the case of My Nepenthe by Romney “Nani” Steele, I’m going to let others hand out the praise. Sunset describes Nani’s cookbook-cum-memoir as “a valentine to one of the most beautiful places […]

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My Persimmon Problem

October 27, 2009 baking

Photo by Flickr user mbgrigby used under the Creative Commons license. So it’s orientation time for the sixth graders, a sweet and chatty bunch, at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, where I volunteer each week. Last Friday, head kitchen teacher Esther Cook (yes, Ms. Cook is her real name) began by engaging the students in […]

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The Lemon Lady: Feeding the Hungry, One Bag of Produce at a Time

October 22, 2009 baking

The Lemon Lady needs a new nickname, methinks. Anna Chan, 37, has outgrown the title, which doesn’t begin to describe the difference this anti-hunger activist has made in less than a year in her one-woman campaign to get fresh produce into the mouths of people in need in her community. This stay-at-home mom from Clayton, […]

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The Sweet Dish on Sydney

October 6, 2009 baking

Flickr photo by jcmurty used under the Creative Commons license. When you pop in and out of your homeland once or twice a year, as I do, it’s pretty easy to pick up on trends since you last touched down. I was in Sydney for a month this past Southern Hemisphere summer, that’s December-January for […]

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Five Fabulous Fruit Desserts

July 14, 2009 baking

I’ve been waxing on a lot lately in this space about food films and food books. And I’ve been digging doing blogs about resourceful residents who grow and forage in the urban jungle. But it’s time to talk about cooking again. The weather has turned positively balmy in Berkeley this week and we’re heading into […]

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An Eggscellent Spring Staycation

April 20, 2009 baking

Photo: Sarah Henry Spring Break plans went pear-shaped, work and other obligations thwarted my best efforts to plan a mini-break with my son. I was feeling a bit sorry for him (truth be told: both of us). We were just going to tool around town during his week off. It didn’t help that others in […]

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Baseball, Bonds, and Banana Bread

April 9, 2009 baking

So my ten-year-old plays ball for the Berkeley Bears. Last weekend, his team went up against the San Francisco Falcons. It would have been just another baseball game on a gorgeous spring day except he played against his great mate from the mamas group we started right after the kids were born. Photo: Yuriko Gamo […]

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